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In order to assist the ESINET mission, ESA and EBN actively promote the ESINET brand within EU Member States. Appropriate communication channels are identified and continuously used to convey clear, up‐to-date information on the aims, scope, conditions and vision of ESINET. This covers also the activity of road shows.
Knowledge about space‐connected technology potentials is very limited and often misused. As a region you will pinpoint the importance of promoting space‐connected technologies on the field to stakeholders (SMEs, start‐ups, students, corporate federations, large groups, etc.), to show what can be done with it and which applications are already operational.
By having ESA tools at your disposals, organising a road show at regional level is seen as a very effective means to reach as many companies as possible in clusters, chambers of commerce, SMEs, etc. Such road shows help local actors at getting a better understanding of what can be improved in their daily life by using space‐connected technology. Regional stakeholders will also be invited to participate at these events in order to encourage them to support the ESINET initiative. ESINET also uses the road shows as an opportunity to receive feedback about
the local environment in space applications in different European regions.
You can download here the Call for Interest for ESINET road shows  

You can download here the concept note 

View past and upcoming ESINET Roadshows.

How to prepare a Networking/Partnering Proposal
ESA's Networking/Partnering Initiative (NPI) supports work carried out by universities and research institutes on advanced technologies with potential space applications, with the aim of fostering increased interaction between ESA, European universities, research institutes and industry.
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Aerospace Engineer looking for a position in aerospace startup
Former CEO of a fast prototyping engineering company looking for a position as a business developer in an aerospace startup, Mathieu NASLIN is willing to take part in the marketing and sales decisions making process, finding new customers, writing proposals and closing deals.
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Call for interest to organise the “ESINET RoadShows” 2013 Service contract for ESINET members
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Bring your app to the ESA Developper Lab Camp!
From 3 to 10 June 2013 the ESA is inviting 20 developers to its ESRIN location In fRascati in the framework of the ESA App Camp. The goal is to develop mobile apps using Earth monitoring data on smartphones, in particular by leveraging the possibilities offered by the European Earth observation programme GMES.
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