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The ESA Technology Transfer Programme Office

The main mission of the Technology Transfer Programme Office (TTPO) is to demonstrate to Europe’s citizens some of the benefits of the European Space Programme and to strengthen the competitiveness of European industry.
European industry is strengthened by encouraging the beneficial as well as commercial use of space technologies for non-space applications which in turn leads to innovative products and the generation of new jobs within Europe.

Space research has focused on developing and perfecting technologies and processes to unprecedented levels to ensure they can cope with the very harsh nature of space. Technologies and components for space are characterised by:

  • low weight
  • strength & durability
  • efficiency & reliability
  • temperature resistance
  • compactness
  • radiation resistance
  • corrosion resistance

Space technologies fall into many categories: materials (composites, alloys, metals); hardware and software; automation and robotics; electronics, sensors and optics; communications; power and energy devices.
Much of this technology can be transferred to new and often highly beneficial applications on Earth – particularly those which improve everyday life. The range of these applications is enormous and ESA’s Technology Transfer and Promotion Office, now called the Technology Transfer Programme Office, was established in 1990 to facilitate technology transfer from space technologies to terrestrial applications and the commercialisation of such applications.
How to prepare a Networking/Partnering Proposal
ESA's Networking/Partnering Initiative (NPI) supports work carried out by universities and research institutes on advanced technologies with potential space applications, with the aim of fostering increased interaction between ESA, European universities, research institutes and industry.
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Aerospace Engineer looking for a position in aerospace startup
Former CEO of a fast prototyping engineering company looking for a position as a business developer in an aerospace startup, Mathieu NASLIN is willing to take part in the marketing and sales decisions making process, finding new customers, writing proposals and closing deals.
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Call for interest to organise the “ESINET RoadShows” 2013 Service contract for ESINET members
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Bring your app to the ESA Developper Lab Camp!
From 3 to 10 June 2013 the ESA is inviting 20 developers to its ESRIN location In fRascati in the framework of the ESA App Camp. The goal is to develop mobile apps using Earth monitoring data on smartphones, in particular by leveraging the possibilities offered by the European Earth observation programme GMES.
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